Ester & Erik Luxury Candles

Buy your Ester & Erik candles from Mad Lilies. We carry one of the UK's largest ranges of luxury taper candles and candle accessories. Not sure what colour you want? Our handy sample cards are a great way to help you choose the perfect colours and shades.  

Every Ester & Erik candle is a piece of genuine Scandinavian craftsmanship. A natural product that is beautiful to look at, made with care and produced from the purest wax available.

About The Brand

Ester & Erik was founded in 1987 by, husband and wife team, Ester and Erik Møller. Based in Denmark, a country with a long history in candle-making due to the dark winter months, Ester and Erik wanted to make superior candles using the traditional hand-dipped technique. Since then their son, Søren Møller, has joined the team - bringing new ideas to the table.

To this day, Ester & Erik tapered candles are still made by hand (though the company have now refined the traditional techniques). Each individual cotton wick is dipped into hot, liquid paraffin. This process is repeated until the candle forms the desired thickness. The candles are then coloured, and given a lacquered shine, by hand. It’s a labour of love, but it shows in the high-quality finish.

Elegant, High-Quality Candles

There are also some added advantages of using the traditional candle-making technique. The candles burn cleanly, with a steady flame. They produce no soot, smoke, odour, or drips (providing you keep them draught free). They even self-extinguish, once burned down. 

For a little tip, to keep your Ester & Erik tapered candles looking gorgeous – always trim the wick before lighting and keep the candles at least 10cm apart when burning.

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