Celebrating 10 years of us!

Mad Lilies 10th Birthday Invite


And just like that, the team and I will have been the proud custodians of Mad Lilies Flower Shop for 10 years on 1 February 2023?!

Our wonderful store might just be bricks and mortar to some. But to us, well, we feel it has a life and personality all of its own! It's a Shop with a rich history that has been part of Banstead High Street for more than 40 years!

To find out more about how the shop landed in my hands 10 years ago, you can read my story here. Or to cut a long story short, floristry is in my DNA, and Mad Lilies quickly worked its way under my skin and into my heart. I learned the ropes from the previous owner Lee who handed over the keys to me on 1st February 2013.

It was the year Andy Murray won the Mens Singles Championship at Wimbledon! A vote passed to legalise same sex marriage, and Alex Ferguson resigned as Manager of Manchester United after 27 years!

The last 10 years have been a crazy ride, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I now like to think of Mad Lilies as a rather special place, a store full of experiences and 'A Flower Shop for true flower lovers'.

So let me extend a warm invitation to you to come join us as we celebrate on Wednesday!
Katy who not only manages the shop but is also our very own in-house Mary Berry is now in full 'Bake Off' mode, in preparation for the big day. Gaya, one of London's top wedding cake designers and friend of the shop will also be creating us our very own 10th birthday cake.

So we do hope you can pop into the shop on Wednesday and eat, drink and be merry with us!
Alison & Katy stand together in the shop doorway
Lastly, to mark this momentous occasion, with the opportunity for you to win one of our £150 'Showstopper' Apothecary Vases we've created our very own...
1. Who was living at No. 10 Downing Street in 2013?
2. What is 10 in Roman Numerals?
3. What is the 10th commandment?
4. What's the 10th sign of the Zodiac?
5. 'Perfect 10' was sung by whom?!
6. What happens when the referee counts to 10 in a Boxing Match?
7. In that famous Christmas song, what arrived on the 10th day of Christmas?
8. Who starred with Dudley Moore in the movie '10'?
9. How many legs does a crab have? (wink, wink!)
10. 10 plus what makes Black Jack?
All you need to do is copy the above questions with your answers into an email and send them over to us at hello@madlilies.co.uk

All the correct entries will be put into a hat, and and we will pick a winner out on Wednesday 1st Feb!
Best of luck!

Alison x
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