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Mad Lilies' Top 10 Wedding Trends For 2020

28 January 2020

At Mad Lilies, we’re always on the lookout for new and emerging trends in the wedding industry, so we can offer our couples the most up-to-date floral designs. That being said, we aren’t ones for jumping on the bandwagon and following fashions just for the sake of it. We believe in making choices you love and will make your heart happy on your big day.   With a team full of talented and innovative floral designers, we love taking inspiration from trends and then adding our Mad Lilies touch. That’s probably why we’re award winning! Do a quick internet search and you’ll find hundreds of posts and articles about the trends to look out for in the year ahead - but we wanted to create a list of the those we think you’ll love. After much discussion amongst the team, we’ve put together the Mad Lilies Top Ten Wedding Trends for 2020...


1. Sustainability

Photo:Elliot Hobson

Sustainability may be a bit of a buzz word at the moment, but with good reason. It’s something we’re passionately working on at Mad Lilies – trying to care for the planet whilst creating gorgeous designs – and we know it’s also high on many of your priority lists.

Couples are looking to give their big day an aesthetic edge and boost their eco credentials. They still want beautiful flowers but, at the same time, want to lessen the impact of their celebration.
In recent years we’ve seen a reduction in the use of plastics, and this looks set to continue throughout 2020 – but to a much greater degree. Single use products have had their day and we predict a drastic reduction in the use of plastics at weddings, overall. Likewise, floral foam is out, and chicken wire is very much in. 

Locally grown, seasonal and foraged plant materials will become more popular (something that suits the Mad Lilies style perfectly), as will living trees and plants – which can be planted after the event or gifted to guests.

There will be more use of paper, and items like bamboo straws. Expect to see florals being repurposed, wherever possible. One of our favourite ideas is to move aisle arrangements from the ceremony to the reception. We also predict natural rose petals will be the confetti of choice (and did you know we make our own at Mad Lilies?).


2. Dried Flowers

Photo:  Hayley Bray Photography

Following on from sustainability, dried flowers will definitely be one of the big wedding trends of 2020. With less focus on shipping perfectly fresh flowers around the globe, and more interest in making eco-friendly choices – dried flowers are taking the industry by storm. 

If there is one key thing that’s important when it comes to dried flowers at weddings, it’s texture…en masse! Think magnificent floral installations, with detail and interest. Lots of grasses, such as pampas, and texture, texture, texture. 

We will also see soft, romantic tones coming through. Dried flowers naturally become more muted in colour but expect to see couples who choose this trend for their day to embrace the pared back palette by adding romance into the mix.


3. Tropical Touches – A Touch of Club Tropicana!

Photo: James Davidson Photography

We’re never ones to shy away from a fun floral concept here at Mad Lilies, and number three in our top ten wedding trends of 2020 is tropical touches. Of course, colour can be a big part of this trend (imagine pops of pink, coral, lush greens and aqua blue) but we’ll talk more about that in a bit. 

With the tropical trend, couples will be ditching more conventional greenery in favour of palms and other tropical leaves. There will be luxurious orchids – helping keep the idea fun and elegant, as well as trailing and abstract flowers for a structural look.


4. Bold Use of Colour

Photo:  Hayley Bray Photography

Just as the tropical trend isn’t afraid to use colour, we predict more couples embracing bolder palettes – whatever their concept. From new and unexpected colour combinations, to statement hues. Couples are getting more confident in creating colourful and creative weddings.

We also can’t talk colour trends without mentioning one of the most eagerly anticipated announcements every winter…Pantone’s Colour of the Year. Their 2020 choice is Classic Blue. It’s a great colour for accessorises and we can imagine many gorgeous tablescapes using the tone for everything from table-runners to glassware.


5. Flower Clouds

Photo:  Pinterest

As the title suggests, flower clouds appear to float above your wedding celebrations. They are impactful, magical, light and fluffy. Though, in reality, they aren’t the work of mysterious floral wizardry but the careful creations of talented florists. 

Each ‘cloud’ is suspended from the ceiling, sometimes making use of lighting or chandeliers. They look gorgeous above your reception tables, especially in a room with a bit of height and large windows. They also create a fabulous wow-factor at your ceremony.


6. Blousy Blooms

Photo: Hayley Bray Photography

Some couples may have pushed full, romantic roses and hydrangeas to the side-lines last year, in favour of slightly wilder shapes and unusual choices, but they are certainly making a comeback in 2020. Can we get a cheer?

The ever popular, peony, also falls into the category of blousy blooms and we don’t see it disappearing from the wedding scene any time soon. 

Blousy flowers create the most romantically abundant feel, which works perfectly in structural installations such as church arches or columned entranceways. They also suit colourful bouquets, mixed with trailing and fluffy foliage and interesting filler flowers. 


7. Long Banquet Tables

Photo: Elliot Hobson

We’ve been seeing a shift from round to longer reception tables in recent years, but 2020 is going to embrace the trend with open arms. Expect to see lots of elongated tables with a very sociable feel. Sharing platters, an abundance of food and drink, and lots of laughter – all part of the ‘long table’ atmosphere.

They work perfectly in marquees or barns, where round tables can sometimes feel a bit overdone. They’re also great for weddings with larger guest numbers, especially if you don’t want to group people in round tables of 10 (for example), and guests can keep the conversation flowing the length of multiple banquet tables. 

We can’t forget the florals either. Long tables lend themselves to gorgeous tablescapes. They are ideal for interesting table-runners, whether living or material, and there are so many options for flower arrangements.


8. Sense of Tactility

Photo: Hayley Bray Photography

The use of tactile textures, that stimulate the senses, have steadily risen in popularity in the last year or so. At Mad Lilies, we always like to layer our styling as it adds so much depth to a design, but we definitely see couples upping their tactility game for 2020 weddings. 

Tablescapes will have “feeling”, using a mixture of textures to add interest for guests. Luxurious materials, such as velvet, will create the most inviting tablecloths and runners – whilst tactile foliage, such as grasses, will provide satisfying contrast. 

From the moment guests walk into your celebration, you want to them to experience a wow-factor. Adding multi-layered detail will not only take their breath away, and give them plenty to talk about, it will also bring them into your day – making them want to touch and feel every moment. Items such as cushions, drapes, throws, and vintage furniture can all help create an eclectic and warming scene.


9. Statement Tablescapes

Photo:  Dasha Caffrey

Gone are the days when guests would struggle to see each other over unwieldy table centres. In line with some of our other top ten wedding trends for 2020, more couples will feel confident to think outside the box when it comes to tablescapes. 

Emphasis will be placed on curating interesting and gorgeous pieces that add a special something to the overall feel. There won’t be any ‘one-style-suits-all’ type of arrangements, instead we’ll see a lot of tailor-made looks. 

Florals might go above eye level (remember our prediction of flower clouds?) or lay low and along tables (the long banquet trend). Either way, expect to see a wonderful collection of unique pieces in the key elements – tableware, china, glassware and cutlery.


10. Alternative Desserts

Photo: Elliot Hobson

Say goodbye to your standard sweets and pedestrian puds. Desserts are going to be something worth waiting for at 2020 weddings. Expect meals to go out with a bit of umph! Much to some of the Mad Lilies team members’ delight!

Stepping away from the norm, alternative desserts will likely include unexpected flavours, amazing textures, and fabulous displays. They will be the highlight of the wedding breakfast. 

Our favourite dessert has to be an ‘Espresso Martini’. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure all your guests are recharged and on the dance floor ready to dance the night away! 


So, there you have it – the Mad Lilies top ten wedding trends for 2020. Are you as excited as us? We can’t wait to see what design briefs the year brings our way, and we’re looking forward to working with some creative and fun couples. 

If you want to find a way to incorporate trends into your day, and in your way – then get in touch or pop in to our store in Banstead, Surrey. We really enjoy talking wedding florals and would love to see how we can help.