Ester & Erik Tapered Candles – The Must Have Wedding & Christmas Candle

It’s no secret, amongst other wedding suppliers and visitors to our shop in Banstead, Surrey, how much the Mad Lilies team love a beautiful candle. We stock a few different candle ranges in store and online (including our own brand). Today, however, we want to showcase the must have for wedding and Christmas table styling: Ester & Erik tapered candles.  

The background of Ester & Erik, and how their candles are made 
Ester & Erik was founded in 1987 by, husband and wife team, Ester and Erik Møller. Based in Denmark, a country with a long history in candle-making due to the dark winter months, Ester and Erik wanted to make superior candles using the traditional hand-dipped technique. Since then their son, Søren Møller, has joined the team - bringing new ideas to the table.  
To this day, Ester & Erik tapered candles are still made by hand (though the company have now refined the traditional techniques). Each individual cotton wick is dipped into hot, liquid paraffin. This process is repeated until the candle forms the desired thickness. The candles are then coloured, and given a lacquered shine, by hand. It’s a labour of love, but it shows in the high-quality finish.  

There are also some added advantages of using the traditional candle-making technique. The candles burn cleanly, with a steady flame. They produce no soot, smoke, odour, or drips (providing you keep them draught free). They even selfextinguish, once burned down.  
For a little tip, to keep your Ester & Erik tapered candles looking gorgeous – always trim the wick before lighting and keep the candles at least 10cm apart when burning.  

Must have table styling accessory 
Ester & Erik tapered candles have fast become the must have table styling accessory for weddings. Brides are going mad for them. Professional stylists adore them. We can’t stop gazing at them. It’s no wonder given their exceptional quality, colour range, and stunning appearance. They are also set to be all the rage this Christmas.  
You don’t just need to take our word for it. We asked Surrey wedding planner and stylist, Lauren, of Bluebird Creative Events, for her thoughts and advice on using Ester & Erik tapered candles… 

Why are Ester & Erik tapered candles so popular for weddings? “ I think Ester & Erik ’s popularity is due to the amount of variety they have in colour – they have beautiful colour palettes, plus their stunningly elegant shape . It makes them extremely desirable for weddings. There just doesn’t seem to be many candles on the market with their beautiful design and abundance of colours! ” 

What are your top styling tips for using tapered candles at weddings? “ When using these beautiful candles in a wedding design I like to ‘layer them’. Having small clusters of candles, at slightly different levels, creates something pretty on the eye. I also plac e them in beautiful holders , that are low level (as the candles are so long you don’t want to add too much height). To create levels , you want to cut from the base of the candles so as not to ruin the beautiful tapered tips. I also like to mix colours. It creates extra depth on a table. Use tones that complement each other, or perhaps different shades of one colour to create an ombre effect along your table scape. ” 

How would you style a Christmas table at home, using Ester & Erik tapered candles?   “ For me , I am still a big fan of the Nordic and Scandinavian styles when it comes to Christmas tablescapes . Simplicity is key, without too much colour. I like to add a 
little ‘glow’ with gold touches and, of course, beautiful candles. I would choose some pale shaded candles in creams and buttercream this year, with perhaps a paler green as well, and place them in gold candle holders. I’d be more inclined to place them in clusters ether end of the table . This would create warmth and an intimate setting, allow space for the delicious food to be served, and let your guests see across the table. ” 

Available online and in store 
We stock a selection of Ester & Erik tapered candles online (Mad Lilies At Home) and in store at our Mad Lilies shop in Banstead, Surrey.  
Colours range from a modern dark grey or navy blue, to a romantic misty rose or pale green. They come in 32cm and 42cm lengths, with a burn time of 8 hours. This makes them perfect for a wedding or Christmas celebration. Each candle is hand lacquered, to give it an incredible shine, and of course has the signature Ester & Erik elegant point. They are also conically shaped at the bottom, to fit most candleholders.  

You don’t need to look far to find a gorgeous holder, worthy of your new tapered candles. We also stock the Ester & Erik gold candle holder.  
Last, but not least, we have the Ester & Erik gold snuffers available to purchase. The high-quality candles will extinguish themselves once burned down, but to keep them for another occasion you can carefully put out their flame using the purposefully designed snuffers.  

Ester & Erik Tapered Candles – The Must Have Wedding & Christmas Candle