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Happy Christmas!

14 December 2018

I love this time of year when the High Street is busy and everyone is running around making last-minute purchases, the shop is super busy and the atmosphere is infectious. The team are buzzing and everyone who comes in has a glow about them and a spring in their step. It’s an amazing thing to see and makes me grateful to be part of this wonderful Banstead Village community!

So with this wonderful feeling in my heart, it seems an appropriate time to say, ‘THANK YOU’ to every single person who added to the Mad Lilies journey this year. Thank you to all the Brides and Grooms who asked us to help make their day special with flowers, to every person who came through the shop door, whether that be to make a purchase or just to make us smile, you make a difference, to all those who placed an order online, there were more of you than ever before! To our regular customers, and new finds, to lovers on Valentine’s day and children on Mother’s Day, to general flower (and plant) aficionados who support us throughout the year THANK YOU! We are a small business and every single purchase, or even just a word of encouragement, makes a difference!  We wouldn’t be here without you! #campaiagnshopsmall

Here's wishing each and every one of our customers a 'Bloomin' great Christmas from Alison and all the Team at Mad Lilies!

Happy Christmas from the Team at Mad Lilies!