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Grow Your Own Growbars

Growbars are a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to try a bit of GYO but has limited space for germinating seeds.

Growbars are cleverly curated seed collections, nestled in neat, fertile coir bars, ready to grow – just add water.

How does it work?

  • Simply unwrap your seeded bar and place it in a container with plenty of space to allow it to expand.
  • Gently pour half a litre of water and position the Growbar on a warm, bright windowsill.
  • Water regularly as the seedlings sprout and grow, they should be happy for about a month.
  • When the seedlings have grown four leaves, they are ready to be potted on or planted out.

Choose from a set of three comprising:


  • The Red Hot Bar – Jalapeno, Serrano & Habanero chillis
  • The Tiny Tomato Bar – Outdoor Girl, Gardener’s Delight & Yellow Pear
  • The Strawberry Bar – lusciously sweet and fragrant miniature strawberries



  • The Gin Bar – Lemon Basil, Cucumber & Wild Bergamot
  • The Edible Flower Bar – Borage, Viola & Marigold
  • The Bee Bar – Sweet Rocket, Catananche & Hyssop


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Grow Your Own Growbars

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