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Friendship Bottles

Its always good to take the time to 'share the love' with your nearest and dearest girl friends - these gorgeous friendship flower bottles are filled with spring flowers and guaranteed to bring a smile and generate a sense of happiness.

Want to enhance the gift experience why not add on a wrap of Gaya's freshly baked Brownies or add one of our brand new Liberty printed lavender Hearts

Gift Options

- 2 x perfectly matched glass bottles filled with a beautiful selection of roses, astrantia, lisianthus and scented Eucalytus 

- 9 x Gaya's limited edition chocolate Brownies - baked with a 70% peruvian single origin chocolate which is rich, decadent and intensely chocolatey

- 1 x 'Liberty' print scented Heart filled with Lavender

Please note this item is only available for delivery in our local delivery area of Surrey


Friendship Flower Bottles filled with spring

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