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Team Shot


A Day In The Life

We often get asked what happens on the day of the wedding or event, how does everything come together? Well, its a little hard to explain, not least because every day is unique, every event has its own style, the location changes and of course the great British weather always plays a part!

There are however some things that stay a constant, a flower pre-order is placed, often weeks before the event so we ensure we can secure the freshest and highest quality selection available. Once the blooms arrive into the workroom they all have to be conditioned (prepared, leaves removed and stalks trimmed, watered and fed) so they are at their peak condition for the big day. Sometimes, depending on the weather and the flower they have to be put in a temperature controlled environment to help them to either speed up or slow down the blooming process. The day before the wedding the team will get to work, creating the individual elements ready for installation on the day, everything is checked, vases and candles are counted, buttonholes named, ribbon packed and bouquets watered, amongst hundreds of other tasks and we all try to get a good nights sleep!

The wedding day starts early at the venue(s) with a team of florists, the work from the day before pays off and the installations are made and finished on site, this often involves some form of construction, sometimes an adjustment or two, and always a florists design eye!

Below is a video we’ve created that shows the fun we have, but also the care and attention paid to detail.
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